Just to let you guys know, CF is now on Hiatus again. The reason: Donations for the past two months for BT have fallen short of the goal. CF was originally created as a donator incentive, and was only put public for additional public input, but also because the donation goal of BT was being reached to the point that I felt I could make the older pages of CF public, while updating ahead for donators.

Well now that donations have fallen short for the second month in a row, I need to return to making CF as a donator incentive. CF will return publically when donations from Black Tapestries is once more meeting the goal.

Please do not pester me incessently about it's return, that's up to you guys. It will however continue updating weekly for donators.
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In case anyone was wondering...

The comics still display "2003" in the copyright because I originally drew them and had them posted for BT Donators long before I made CF public. These comics were made in November/December of 2003. Don't worry, they'll switch over to 2004 soon :)
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October 15th

That's when Crimson Fury will return.

Donators: It's already started for you guys, so go to the donator site and check it out :)
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Taking a Break

Just to let you guys know, I'm taking a break between Issues here to work some things out. I haven't been updating for the donators because I can't get CF's story streamlined. So it's going to be on hiatus for a little while, until I can get the donators up to the full 20 pages ahead like they should be. I'll post the cover for issue 2 next week, and after that, dunno how long it'll be. I hope you guys enjoyed.

And I just realized what song is playing on winamp... how ironic.
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Keenspace's Server Died

The server that hosts a lot of the older comics (such as BT and Shifters) has croaked. I don't know when it'll be back up. You can still see CF because it's on a different server than BT. BT will be posted on the donator site as always, and I'll be posting them on the Keenshift forums later. If you read Shifters, ShadowsMyst will be posting updates (not sure if that means comics) on the KeenShift forums as well.

I don't know if CF will be able to update with Boardy being down, so if it doesn't, I'll be posting it on the keenshift forums as well.

Just an FYI.
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Lo Peeps

Just working on the site, making sure everything's all kosher. Yadda yadda. Hopefully CF will officially start up soon!
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